"I feel that painting is mainly a matter of love of the trade. An office not always pleasant, but always seductive. You have to work like a carpenter who arms the chair well, like a lonely and stubborn gardener who takes care of the plants; sleep with the theme, return to the fabric, to the stain and to the color. Indefinite and tiresome, fickle and absurd, irritating and mysterious work that when lost you must find again. We must insist always; It is an obsessive problem that must be solved.


We must always know how to distinguish the subtle line that divides crafts and art, both can become tedious, dead at birth, lacking in authenticity, repetitive or vulgar. The original, resounding and enriching fruit, generating new realities, can arise from either of them. It is necessary to know how to see it, to pursue it and to capture it, like a hawk to its prey, in full flight, in movement with life; leave it like this on the cloth, and make them stop to look at it. "



Alonso Gutiérrez

Sobre el arte de la pintura, agosto de 1991.